One day, a man came to an old woman’s house in a village. He was a traveller. Most people in the village didn’t like the old woman because she was very unpleasant.

”Good afternoon, Ma’am. I’m sorry to interrupt your lovely day but I don’t know where else to go…. I don’t have a penny and I’m very hungry right now,” the man said

”Do you mind giving me something to eat?”baca selengkapnya

”I don’t have much food,” the old woman said. ”I can only give you a piece of bread”

”A piece of bread is better than nothing,” the man told her, and he stepped into the village. The old woman cut a piece of bread and gave it to him.

”This bread is really nice” he said. ”But it will taste better with some soup.”

”I don’t have soup!” the old woman said.

”Can you, make stone soup?” the man asked.

”Stone soup? what is that?”

”Well, it’s easy to make. Take a stone from your garden. Wash it and put it in a saucepan of water. Boil the stone in the water.” the old woman took a stone from her garden and washed it. And just like the man told her, she put it in a saucepan of water and boil it.

The man took a spoonful of the soup and tasted it.

”Yes!” he said. ”This soup is very good. But a few potatoes will make the soup tasted better,” the old woman put two potatoes in the soup and boil it again. The man tasted it.

”Much better!” he said. ”but a few onions will give a stronger taste.”

The old woman put two onions into the soup and boiled it again. The man tasted it for third time.

”Excellent!” he said ”I see you have a piece of chicken on the table. Put that into the soup and add a little pepper and salt. It will make the stone soup perfect!”

As you can probably guess the old woman put the piece of chicken into the soup and add a little pepper and salt.

”You are an excellent cook!” the man said.

”This is the best stone soup I have ever taste. Now I can eat the bread you gave me.”